Painter, Jaime Grant is a practicing artist from Panama. He started producing artworks in his 40s and since then has produced a ridiculous amount of paintings, digital arts, sculptures etc.  Jaime is a grandfather to 5 children of which inspire him greatly “I make paintings that are filled with spiritual messages, for the future”. scenes such as police brutality,  are depicted in very surreal ways. His purpose is to make paintings that keep records of the spiritual truth, similar to the impact of ancient cave paintings” Jaime gets all of his inspiration from God,the day he turned 50, he believes that he was visited by a spirit who drove him to paint more than 5000 paintings and to build machines. His central message is to illustrate the struggle between good and evil. Jaime is currently a member of Les Vagabonds collective, a group of artists aiming to bridge the gap between the artist and the art world, bringing together the most talented rather than the most famous.Their first exhibit will take place in 2023.
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