Laura González-Possamai was born in New York City in 1989 to parents who left their homeland of Uruguay in search of a better life. Using the camera as a tool, González-Possamai focuses on capturing certain moments in her ever-changing environment as a way to record its existence in time and make it permanent within the timeline of our history.
In 2017, González-Possamai moved to Miami to pursue a BFA at the University of Florida's New World School of the Arts in Downtown Miami.

Artist Statement
González-Possamai’s artistic practice is an exploration of migration and displacement, recalling memories as a form of recollection, confrontation, and reclamation of our cultural identities. Through the use of layering or flawed, out-of-focus photographs, the work serves as an investigation of the incoherent fragments of memory. In processing these memories, there is a sense of a forced adaptation in which our capacity to remember and forget helps us to respond and adjust to a variety of contexts and conditions.
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