Parvati / Brahma is a trans, disabled, Filipino American, raised in Little Haiti. They
have been involved in the local art world since middle school— working in 2-d, 3-d, then writing,
and recently in the past five years hyper-local, immersive, performance art. They have exhibited
in Art Miami, premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival, and have contributed to Ruth Forman
Award-winning productions under Juggerknot Theatre Company. Parvati / Brahma explores their
work as mere extensions and explanations of their existence and experiences. Currently, they
are taking the time to learn further about racialized disabilities, uncolonizing death, mythos, and processing grief. Artist Statement:
Parvati / Brahma is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Miami, Fl. Their work is mainly 3-d and
location-based immersive performance. Their practice manifests an exploration of human
interaction, participation, and self-realization. They are more interested in the cultural
practioning of making the art piece and the relationship the consumer has with such piece,
rather than the sole alienated piece itself. That space between the person and the piece is what
Parvati / Brahma calls their art as well.
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