Fiyas Kane (born Richard Nina-Angeles) wanders through life in constant search of
meaning and moments of significance. Always equipped with the necessary tools, he
lives like a fly on the wall, a nonchalant observer who keeps a respectful distance to
avoid getting smacked.
No matter whether in sunny South Beach, Miami, immersed in a crowd at a local
music event, or simply out and about, the goals remain the same: find something
compelling, have a camera on standby, and make full use of the frame. Learning from
traditional photographers such as Lee Friedlander, Alex Webb, Daido Moriyama, etc. to
name a few, Fiyas uses techniques from street photography to structure his
compositions and applies geometry when surveying landscapes to create layered
reproductions of his surroundings and its inhabitants.
Within Fiyas' body of work are themes such as intimacy, absurdity, serendipity, and
the human condition. He also utilizes self portraits as a mode of expression and to
portray more intricate concepts that are unlikely to occur candidly. If there could be one
word used to summarize his practice, it would be "instinctual"; working in a range of
mere minutes to exhausting hours until the desired goal is perceived to be achieved.
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