John Stevenson Archange is an Artist born in Thomassique Haiti, he moved to Miami FL at the
age of nine, He has been interested in art from a very early age. Stevenson's body of work
mostly consists of Paintings and drawings that are created with oil paint, acrylic paint, and other
mixed mediums. Stevenson Graduated from Miami Jackson Senior High school in 2014 and
attended New World School of the Arts for two and a half years. Stevenson creates paintings by
depicting scenery from his imaginary world that comes from his mind. The visual themes and
concepts that he paints tend to blur the line between fantasy and spirituality. His aesthetics of
Art Embodies a colorful and uncanny way of depicting otherworldly events. Stevenson uses
realistic and invented aspects of our world to depict an ambiguous atmosphere, expressing
work that can be interpreted in many ways depending on the observer of the artwork.
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